With its centennial history, FJT has been one of the pioneers in the development of private label products.

Today FJT supports major international retailers in the creation of their own brand.

Private label is our bread and butter, we know how to provide to our customers the best quality at the best conditions at the right time.

Timings are difficult to manage, but FJT strength is to closely monitor all the relevant milestones to ensure the targeted launch date is met.


FJT QC/QA dept activity goes from factories pre-auditing to the monitoring of the product performance when it’s on shelf, including the management and resolution of any claims.

In between we support retailers in the product development activity by checking product specifications, commercial samples and packaging according to our customer’s country regulations.


It all started with Riccardo Scarpellini’s passion for high quality extra virgin olive oil, a passion that led FJT to have 7 official olive oil tasters among the staff.
Thanks to this team of professionals, FJT aims to educate clients on how to identify high-quality olive oils, to understand their benefits, health aspects and culinary applications, in order to transfer their acquired knowledge to final consumers for a more conscious choice.
This is made possible by FJT’s Olive Oil School, that offers a theoretical part, as well as guided visits to mills and olive groves, cooking lessons and pairing of the various cultivars in culinary preparations. A full immersion in a gastronomic culture whose hearth is the great Italian extra virgin olive oil!

All this is facilitated by Opera Olei, a consortium that brings together six producers of extra virgin olive oils among the best in Italy, whose president is Riccardo Scarpellini. The Opera Olei box set, that contains six different monocultivar oils, is in fact a perfect tool to learn how oils have different intensities, very specific characteristics and distinct personalities.

It’s also important to mention the partnership with Flos Olei by Marco Oreggia, the prestigious guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, which allows olive oils and olive oil producers to reach visibility in the international scenario.


Not only food! FJT has decades of experience in the glass and bottles components procurement and delivery to many bottlers/packers all over the world.

We are in contact with the major Italian and EU producers and thus we are able to draw from existing stocks or create your own personalized bottle… customize your bottle is easier and cheaper than you expect with FJT!

FJT can be your “one stop shop”, offering a dedicated door to door service in cooperation with our integrated logistics team!